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Tex Zeta M-TEC® Water Repellent Plunge Muehlmeier Bodyshaping
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The passionate Breastshaper for
comfort and fit since 1949


What makes the difference of a Bra with M-BraCupInside?

Apart from style & design of a bra, different patterns & colours, a preferred brand or what occasion you are buying the bra for, is there another distinct difference between one bra and the other?

Muehlmeier Bodyshaping moulded Bra Cup Graphic
Muehlmeier Bodyshaping Hangtag M-BraCup Inside Sunflair

Look for Hangtags

When you see a „M-BraCup INSIDE“ hangtag on bras in stores, or virtual in online shops, you can be sure that the foam and cover fabric of the cup inside has been tested according to international standards and is certified with OEKO-TEX Standard 100.

But there is so much more to say about bra cups and the particular cup you have bought with your lingerie, swimwear or sportswear, or are about to buy when browsing through a store or the internet.

Our Bra Cups support you in different life situations

Our innovative M-BraCups offer high-quality Bra Cup solutions that support you.

Feel more comfortable and confident whether you are taking your bra on the morning, working out or going for a swim.

Muehlmeier Bodyshaping sporty woman with M-BraCup Inside
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