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Muehlmeier Bodyshaping Hangtag M-BraCup Inside Sunflair

There is an abundance of bra cups which come in different shapes, materials and compositions. They are always optimized for the respective area of application, the particular bra type and individual breast shapes.

The main function of the cup is to guarantee perfect fit and to make you feel comfortable & confident in every life situation.

The classic bra cup consists of a PU-foam core and cover fabric made of 100% Polyester. But meanwhile there are also 100% recycled or biobased foam alternatives and 100% recycled cover fabric versions available.

See what‘s so special about the MUEHLMEIER Bra Cups with „M-BraCup INSIDE“ hangtag:

Which Companies use the "M-BraCup INSIDE" Quality Seal?

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