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Our Story

The daily business of MUEHLMEIER is deeply connected with strong emotions.


"We work in a very emotional field - the optimization of the female bust - and we operate close to a woman's heart. As diverse as women's desires are, so are the multifaceted possibilities for individually shaping the female breast. The bra cup has the magical potential to create the ideal bust line and ensure the perfect wearing comfort."

Roman Mühlmeier

MUEHLMEIER boasts a long company history and has deep roots in the fashion industry.

Nowadays, three generations have already shaped the company MUEHLMEIER with their expertise, experience, passion, personal dedication, and conceptual skills.

Muehlmeier Bodyshaping Team picture

The Bavarian Breastshaping Specialist from Bärnau in the northern Oberpfalz celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2019 and has risen to become the market leader in Europe as a supplier of bra cups. More than 32 representatives worldwide allow us to approach the individual market with customized support.


The company showcases its products at the most important international fashion fairs in Paris, Cannes, London, and Munich. Prominent brands in the lingerie, swimwear, sportswear, and bridal wear industries belong to the company's international clientele.

MUEHLMEIER is also highly active in the social sector and supports, for example, the Target Foundation with monetary donations, which is dedicated to the fight against female genital mutilation.

Our History


His son Roman Mühlmeier repositiones his family business in a completely new way. He leverages the long-standing access to the fashion industry for his new business model of shoulder pads. Mühlmeier Enorm-Form becomes the second-largest supplier of shoulder pads in Germany within a few years. The customer base increasingly expands internationally.


The new branch in Schwarzenbach starts its operations with approximately 30 employees.

MUEHLMEIER is one of the first manufacturers of bra cups for "Wonder Bras."

 Since 2000 

Under Roman Mühlmeier's leadership, high-quality bra cups are developed in Schwarzenbach, constantly being optimized with new features. The M-TEC® bra cups are created. MUEHLMEIER experiences growth and expands internationally, with core markets in Europe and Eastern Europe.


The construction of a photovoltaic system on the roof of the company building in Schwarzenbach.


MUEHLMEIER launches its remarkable campaign "The secret behind her secret." The company makes its brand and the unique product features of M-TEC® bra cups visible to the end consumer in retail stores.

 2011 - 2018 

The company enters the Asian market and initiates sales and distribution activities in China.


MUEHLMEIER celebrates its 70th anniversary. The next generation, Julian Mühlmeier, joins the company after completing his studies. He takes on the role of Business Development & Sustainability.


Sustainability becomes part of the company's philosophy and a benchmark for its actions.


Alwin Mühlmeier stepps down from the company's management. The original company, Alwin H.-J. Mühlmeier, continues in Bärnau by the children Rene Mühlmeier and Petra Schmidkonz as Mühlmeier GmbH. Mühlmeier Schwarzenbach operates as Muehlmeier Bodyshaping GmbH, and Enorm Form GmbH + Co. KG.


Every great story has humble beginnings. In this year, the company is founded in Bärnau by Alwin H.J. Mühlmeier.

The roots of the family trace back to the Baroque master builder Philipp Mühlmayer (born 1678/died 1757) and the weaver & bookseller Josef Mühlmeier (born 1843/died 1919).

Alwin H.J. Mühlmeier recognizes the signs of the times in the Bärnau button business and soon begins to put fashionable decoration as a whole into focus. The confident Bavarian dirndl woman serves as inspiration for many strikingly stylish fashion accessories.

MUEHLMEIER is one of the first manufacturers of bra cups for "Wonder Bras."

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