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Difference in a Bra

What makes the difference of a Bra with M-BraCup Inside?

Finding the perfect bra is no easy task. In fact, it can often feel entirely impossible thanks to the sheer number of styles, colours, prints, frilly details and more to choose from.

While there is an emphasis on wearing outerwear that channels your inner style, it is just as important to find bras that fit you perfectly and make you feel comfortable.

The Secret behind her secret slogan from MUEHLMEIER Bodyshaping

What is the difference?

The bra cup should seamlessly enclose the breasts, without any spill over or discomfort. It should not pinch or squeeze. It should provide the lift & support you wish for, shape a beautiful even décolleté and give you confidence.
3 generations at the family business MUEHLMEIER have worked „close to the woman‘s heart“ with their commitment, craftsmanship, experience and passion to ensure exactly that with their M-BraCups INSIDE.

​ Exceptional Quality 

  • The moulded M-BraCups by MUEHLMEIER are smooth & soft with no seams, and each cup is made from a single piece of foam & cover fabric. The shape is created by heat moulding the cup over a metal breast mould. This allows the material of the cup (PU-foam, SPACER material, etc.) to conform to the breast shape. There are always two moulds for each cup size – one for the left and one for the right breast. The moulded foam and cover fabric will retain its new shape and guarantee the symmetry of the décolleté. 

  • The materials used in Moulded Bra Cups by MUEHLMEIER are a science in themselves. They can be produced with different foam (soft, stiff, bi-elastic, memory, perforated) and different cover fabric versions (brushed, ultrafine, perforated).

  • All M-BraCups were strictly tested for harmful substances and are harmless to health: OEKO-TEX Standard 100

 Maximum Support 

  • With its smooth and seamless surface the MUEHLMEIER Bra Cups support and form the breast particularly even

  • There are also PushUp M-BraCups available with a thicker padding

 Outstanding Fit 

  • Moulded M-BraCups are anatomical adapted to form the ideal breast with a natural round shape.

  • MUEHLMEIER has become a leader in the fuller figure lingerie market. The special collection of Full Bust M-BraCups are designed to fit perfectly with bust-minimizing effect to feel safe & sound.

  • Moulded M-BraCups come in an abundance of different shapes and product features always optimized for the particular clothing, if they will be used in lingerie, swimwear or sportswear. 

 Commitment to protect our planet 

  • As the company cares for Women‘s well-being AND for Mother Earth, there are many sustainable developments available: Recycled or biobased (look for the green M-BraCup INSIDE hangtag).

An animated journey through our Spacer Material

Why choose M-BraCups?

We are working close to Your Heart! Slogan by MUEHLMEIER Bodyshaping
  • The Breastshaping Specialist MUEHLMEIER has over 70 years of experience in innovating unique cups for bras you love to wear. 

  • Meanwhile 3 generations of the German family business have worked „close to the woman‘s heart“ with their commitment, craftsmanship, experience and passion.

  • The well-being of women and caring for Mother Earth are at the very heart of the company philosophy.

  • MUEHLMEIER Bra Cups are renowned for their quality and durability

  • The company has become one of the leading worldwide supplier of state-of-the-art Bra Cups.

  • MUEHLMEIER is trusted by the leading international fashion brands in Lingerie, Swimwear and Sportswear because of its German quality engineering and product innovations.

  • With M-BraCups wearing at your heart you will feel comfortable & confident.

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