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Clothing Categories

Co-Branding picture of a Casall Model with M-BraCup Inside by MUEHLMEIER Bodyshaping
Triola_M-TEC® Full Bust Slim Body Suppor

Our product portfolio offers innovative and high-quality Bra Cup solutions that support you.

Feel more comfortable and confident whether you are taking your bra on in the morning, working out or going for a swim.

For more than 70 years, the MUEHLMEIER Brand has been working closer to your heart to meet your need for exceptional comfort, fit and confidence.


Look for the MUEHLMEIER brand name and our iconic M-BraCup INSIDE logo.

Whenever you shop be sure you are buying the original M-BraCup known for its quality and durability.

Our M-BraCups support you
in different life situations

Two women having a great time in their lingerie looking happy with MUEHLMEIER M-BraCup INSIDE


Supports you with ideal breast form day to day in your favourite bra.

For Lingerie the following shapes are mainly used:

  • Plunge Bra Cup

  • Strap Bra Cup

  • Balconette Bra Cup

  • Monocup

Swim- and Beachwear

Keeps you feel comfortable and dry when you lay on the beach or when you go swimming.

For Swim- & Beachwear the following shapes are mainly used:

  • Triangle Bra Cup

  • Balconette Bra Cup

  • Removable Bra Cup

  • Bandeau Bra Cup

Beautifull model enjoying the beach with her Swim- and Beachwear with MUEHLMEIER M-BraCup INSIDE
A sporty women training with her Sportswear and Activewear with MUEHLMEIER M-BraCup INSIDE

Sports- and Activewear

Keeps you air-conditioned and in shape during your workouts or relaxing sessions.

For Sports- & Activewear the following shapes are mainly used:

  • Strap Bra Cup

  • Monocup


Let's you shine at the most beautiful day of your life.

For Bridalwear the following shapes are mainly used:

  • Balconette Bra Cup

Beautiful women wearing and enjoying Bridalwear with MUEHLMEIER M-BraCup INSIDE
Women with Mastectomy shows her Bra with MUEHLMEIER M-BraCup INSIDE


Meets the needs even in difficult times and guarantees piece of mind.

For Mastectomy the following shapes are mainly used:

  • Full Bust Bra Cup

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